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How can we manage the comments of our blog? Tim O´Reilly give us the answer. noviembre 13, 2012

Posted by Adrian Almeida in *First Post, Word Press 1213 posts.
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[This text is a summary of Tim O´ Reilly´s these three articles: Call for a Blogger’s Code of Conduct file, Draft Blogger’s Code of Conduct file, Code of Conduct: Lessons Learned So Far]

Summarized by Adrian Almeida:

Because of the violent comments that Kathy Sierra suffered in her blog, Tim O´Reilly author of the conference “O´Reilly” and his colleagues, talk about what kind of conduct is the best one in order to manage blog´s comments.  That is a really controversial issue for lots of bloggers on the Internet   around the word. As a result, O´Reilly give us magnify ideas to tackle bad comments.

The first idea is related with the expression “YOYOW”. This expression “Your Own Your Own Words” is considered, nowadays, obsolete by this group of experts because our blogs comments words (all of them) have to be evaluated as our own words; so we have the final responsibility in comments that in our blog are. Around this idea we have to be very conscious and don’t allow unacceptable content, which according to the Blogger Community Guidelines that  Tim O´ Reilly collect  to the article  summarize here, is a content associated with abuses, stalks persons, violates the privacy or moral, advertising links, publish elements with copyright  without  the permission of the author and so on.

The comments, we have to remember, are also our blog and they can show a wrong and poor image of it. Because of that, we should think in the possibility of doing away with comments. This idea is a good idea, but we can´t turn ourselves into censors, because comments are precisely to comment, to express ideas and to criticism. We have to delete only comments that are unacceptable content (one behavior that a lot of persons who had a blog didn´t consider to do) and leave the other comments despite of the fact that they can criticize us. (más…)