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Shop Strategy diciembre 11, 2012

Posted by Adrian Almeida in *Second Post, Word Press 1213 posts.

With this writing we want to explain how can we use social networks and the opportunities that they have, to one bussiness strategy. Our bussiness is a new one, so we are not famous. Because of this  important reason, our point of view is focused on this issue. We need to expand our brand, and at the same time we want that people associate this brand with the ideas that the Brand Equity give. To do this, we conssider the reputation and Digital Identity; miccobloging and Twitter and finally the concepts related with the groups and collectivities.


 What can we do if we have a good bussines idea, but if we at least discover that it was not so special? What  can we do to offer custommers the idea that they are enjoying an unique experience?. Thinking about these ideas my classmates and me, designed an interesing bussiness strategy which emphasized in the idea of how expand our brand, and at once come this brand with the ideas of quality, specificity and proximity.

First of all, we have to  say that our “special” bussines is a cinema hotel. The name of this hotel, which is imaginated to this writing, is Lumiére Hotel. Our idea to locate it, is the City of Bilbao since this city hasn´t got thematics hotel and less cinema hotel. As we see the bussines could have succes, because of the lack of similar bussines in zone. Supposing that  we migth have a real clients demand, my classmates and me decided in the  different  meetings, come on policies to help our bussiness to turn into well-know hotel, in one city  with a lot of this product offers like Carlton or Ercilla, so that is our big problem, a mind, expand our brand. Apart from traditional marketing strategy, for instance in newspapers or in travel magazines, we conssidered the idea of create social networks accounts to help us to expand our brand and give more information about our products to people. Social-networks are a really good platform for us if we look throw details of Social Media Marketing Industry Report  where  it is said that 94% of marketers are taking into consideration for their market policies.On the other hand, hotels like we have already mentioned, have different accounts in Twitter or Facebook, so we encourage to try doing the same.

If we create a Twitter or Facebook account its important to decide as well, and apart from the idea of expand our brand, which is our main problem, what kind of content we share with our potential followers, and reasons of why they have to choose us if they come to Bilbao. For instance, in our accounts we can explain different details such as: our special decorated rooms (with topics related with films), our movie selection, events and film presentations in hotel, cinema discussions and fantastic restaurant where apart from  buffet, it offers menus with meals of different and clasical films. The use of social networks, is for us as well, a golden opportunity to explain all of this information in a cheap way and at the same time have a real contact with our potencial customers and their opinions. They can help us to expand brand, but also to improve and to adapt to their necessities. Giving the details of our aims with social networks more simplified:

  1. Make know and expand our brand (that we previously have created)
  2. Build a brand with personality, respected and close to our clients

And in the same way:

  1. Explain what we are, what we offer and how we offer it (why customers ought to choose our hotel).
  2. Receive direct information about what kind of sections we have to improve.

Obviously, we have to be conscious about different aspects if we really want to be in social networks: we need to create fluent conversations with our customers, accepting criticize and opinions. Clearly, we select two or three people team, in order to personally manage our accounts which are going to be focused on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The manage don´t consist only in corporative image or brand, we want also to create fluent and non- automated conversations. For example, two quality hotels in Bilbao: Carlton and Ercilla, make their comments naturally, spontaneously; this is our goal.

Developing the idea of create of social networks accounts it´s essential to keep in mind, concepts as reputation in order to create a powerful personal brand and to measure our Brand Equity which is according to Sergio Monge (Taller 3: Blog sobre comunicación) is divided in three important items: Brand knowledge, loyalty of consumers to our brand, and amount of worth, ideas associated with our brand. In that way, Reputation it´s a vital concept not only to expand our brand, as well it can help us to create a good example or model that we want to represent our potential customers, so Identity.

Good reputation is achieved, doing quality comments sharing relevant, accepting criticize; different elements which create between our friends a good opinion of ourselves and make up our reputation on the net. But we have to be conscious that all of brands suffer in a one period of his life a reputation crisis. That can´t be an excuse for us, even so it´s essential to keep it on mind. Generally speaking, and summarizing this last idea we have to say that reputation is constituted by opinions of people. On the contrary, digital identity is formed by this opinions, but also with our brand logo, colours of our social network account, the style of our comments and contents; nevertheless, personally think that this two topics: comments and the quality of the content, are basic for our Brand Equity goal.

Thinking about the idea of the Brand it´s very important to know how we can create a logo that really represents us faithfully. I think that this logo have to be represent the idea of business but at the same time, the idea that we are a cinema´s hotel, so the image has to represent it. We consider logo as a vital issue since it can show a lot about the efficiency of business and credibility. To this point, we create this brand:

Sin título

We choose black and white combination colours because there are two films typical colours and because of the elegant of combination. Black represents mystery and protection and in contrast white peace and security. The badge, that we have seen, can be summarized in this logo:

Sin título2

Returning to the idea of Social Networks, I think and in this way I have already commented in our business meetings, that one of the most important social networks nowadays, is Twitter. I suggested that we can create a really interesting and fluent way to expand ourselves thanks to microblogging, using this tool. We can expand our brand, and generally speaking our business sharing relevant comments about what we are and what we offer and at the same time we are coming on practical policies as our followers can share this relevant information with their own followers. If we have got 40 followers, our information can be share at least with others 40.

On the other hand, we can´t always share information of hotel; we have to give more than only an ordinary promotion. We are in the Twitter so, we need to remember it. It´s essential communicate and comment fluently; show a sincere interest in our potential clients and participate in discussions that our followers have. Furthermore, and if we are a cinema´s Hotel we have to show our activity connect with films events, exhibits the decoration of the rooms and besides.

 It´s important, as well, put links in our comments. These links could connect our blog. With regard to followers we have to be very careful and really respectful with them, since small polite rules can build a good reputation.

Thinking about manage reputation on Twitter we want to follow this other ideas which we decided:

  • Join in relevant discussions, doing intelligent comments which don´t offend.
  • Give opinion which can be really important to the others. Become opinions leader in our business sector.
  • Select followers that can help us to expand the brand.

 At the same time this three ideas can be related, as well, with the idea of collective intelligent. So for us the importance of this concept is the possibility to make with our followers a new business building, since their comments and our comments, plus the comments of their followers can generate a big group where we are in the centre.

If we return to our more important aim for this business, so expand our brand, we have to say that Twitter is a golden opportunity, easily to show our corporative Logo and to make a good reputation and DI around our brand. What It´s more, we can turn our brand into modern and sophisticate brand, but at the same time, we can get that our brand to be humane. On the other hand, we are thinking about create groups who can help us to this important objective.

Anyway Social-Networks give us a different point of view to deal with the marketing and the expansion of Lumière Hotel; cheaper and more effective in the idea of have an influence on people. We have to create not only an interesting expansion of the brand and business, for us is essential to come on policies to give us opportunities to achieve Brand Equity, which can help us to obtain benefits in one sector where there are a lot of experienced business. Generally speaking and to conclude this big writing, we have to say that obviously we don´t expect that only with Social Networks our business will take off, but it can be a firm footstep,  and a good option, also for other business, to have a very intensive politics on the net which could make the difference in future. For small business these kind of easy projects can be a wonderful solution.

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